Happy 31st Anniversary Mom and Dad

You inspire me. I am so thankful for parents like you that have provided me with such a wonderful example of true and unconditional love. It hasn’t been easy (probably cause of us kids ☺) but you two have worked hard, committed to one another, and made a choice to love one another no matter what. I pray that one day I can be half as happy as you and one day and find someone I can enter into a committed faithful relationship with.


Olivia McCain said...

your family sure loves coffee. :)

j/k congrats to your parents!

Anonymous said...

funny that people have no comments when it's a celebration of something beautiful!!!

ok, maybe that's the cynic in me. it's still early in the day...i'll give people time.

how BEAUTIFUL that their love reflects such commitment. i hope they know they're setting a badass example and giving hope to us jaded young-uns.

~jennifer kent

douglas said...

Congratulations! Praise God for your faithfulness.