The doctors office

Want to know where a BAD place to meet people is? A doctor’s office. You’re coughing, probably with some contagious disease, I feel like crap – neither of us is putting out our best game. Let’s just hope fate brings us together at a Starbucks or bar some other time cause you ain’t gunna get much out of me right now.
And let’s face it, guys are really bad at reading signs and cues normally – but they are even worse at a doctor’s office. See this magazine I am holding up in front of my face? This means I want you to get away from me and stop talking to me. And when I am crunched over like this it means I don’t feel well. I don’t normally wear my sweats out in public, this is just the first time I have been out of the house all day and the thought of putting on jeans just seemed like more effort then I wanted to give.
Why do the waits at these offices have to be so long?


Robin said...

The only exception to this flirting faux pas is if the doctor is the one doing the flirting. Then you should probably go in for a few more visits just to make sure you really are getting better, despite the fact that your ever improving appearance and hotness level could serve as a good indication of overall health.

Anonymous said...

i partly agree with robin, except i don't think that would work cuz i feel like the doctor would just see you as the disease carrying wreck that he hopes to stay immune from. any time someone feels the need to stay immune from me i tend to give up on that one.


Michi said...

what's worse? running into someone you know at the gyno!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I just don't even see a Doctor being on top of their A game. There is something so sterile about a doctor's office anyway. Agreed...not the best!