So, there is this nice older (old) man that works for the same company I do. Not in the same department, but I see him around every few weeks or so.

He always tells these real corny jokes and laughs at himself a lot – just your typical jolly, friendly old man.

One day, I run into him in a stairwell. He stops me and this following exchange takes place:

Old: Good morning, Yeti! Say, can I ask you a question?
Yeti: Sure!
Old: Now, I’m 57 years old. You’ve gotta be…what? Mid-20’s?
Yeti: Sure. That’s about right.
Old: Wow, okay, right, that’s young. I am obviously too old for you. But let’s just SAY I were 28. If I were to ask you out, what would you say?
[Insert Dramatically Long Pause]
Yeti: Um…yeah, sure, you’re a funny guy.
Old: Awww….you make an old guy feel so good!!

WHAT do you say in that situation? I am in a lose lose here people. I can’t say NO…it is a hypothetical. What kind of crul person says no in that situation. But by saying yes, I have a somewhat creepy guy thinking “if only I were a bit younger…that girl would totally go out with me!!”



Rachel said...

Eww that's such a creepy question! I would've said the same thing!

the girl in asia said...

just read the situation! some situations i don't think it is creepy at all.. just a fun banter..

but of course others it is totally creepy.

Andhari said...

that IS ew. But it's nice of you :)

Dodi said...

why didn't you just ask him how big his penis is?

Yeti said...

Ewwww, dodi!!!!

Olivia McCain said...

yeah, that is a weird "on-the-spot" question to ask. i think you handled it well.
the only other thing you could have done was answer it in a joke like "well if you can be in your mid-twenties in this scenario, than i am going to be married to Prince William. so sorry, i would have to say no because i'm already married and late for lunch with the queen"

or something totally off the wall like that.

older men creep me out. did i ever tell you about Professor Creepypants? ask karla. older men creep me out.

kiki sonik said...



Griz said...

Olivia's response cracks me up! Of course everything is easier said than done, so this is what I am going to say. Why not be totally honest and tell him he is totally creeping you out?