Getting to the point

Here was a status update from a friend of mine recently on facebook.

"Mom-to-Be" just suffered a new pregnancy humiliation: a very elderly woman behind me in line at the grocery store looked at my un-ringed, swollen left hand and asked me, point blank in front of God and everybody, if I was planning on marrying the father! Oh, yes, she did!

Gotta love the good 'ol Midwest.


Andhari said...

Awkward and so impolite! I can't imagine how she reacted

Griz said...

Wow! I believe it. That was my fear once I could not wear my wedding ring anymore. Now that I have Ezra and he is as white as daddy I get different comments. I had a latin lady tell me in the grocery store, after asking me a few questions, that the baby was very white. I felt she was suggesting he was not mine, and of all things, I was in line with my husband!!!! People are just rude and don't know when to keep their mouths shut. Talk about the lack of common sense.