compassion for dictators

[Kenmore has recently started working in my office. His predecessor is James. James is the most compassionate man you will EVER EVER meet. Kenmore gets those scam emails all the time, like way more than a normal person, asking you for your bank information because they have millions of dollars they want to share with you.....we discussed]

Yeti: what kind of websites do you think James was going to - or what kind of mailing lists was he signing up for that you get all of this kid of junk mail from foreign dictators asking you for money? sometimes i wonder how many arabian princesses he has actually supported financially....

Kenmore:  they are like compassion children. $30/month and you can support your own exiled african dictator

Yeti:  and watch them grow, and dictate and destroy their very own country. in a way, the rewards are so much more visible than a little child that only learns to eat and read

Kenmore:  true, these guys all know how to e-mail already - they are the future

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James said...

I frequently come back to this post. It cracks me up. But I feel self-obsessed by my love of it. And, I'm glad you don't have my bank statements to know how many dictators I am currently supporting. I'm working on cutting back though, you don't get a lot of ROI.