I will be the first to admit - I like "The Bachelor" - I know. It's a tad bit pathetic. But I love it. It might a disease, I am not sure, I am looking into it. The drama, the passion, the public displays of affection, the ROSES!

A friend of mine MISSED the episode this last Monday and had to catch up on Hulu (what a disappointment!) She decides to do so while her brother and some of his friends are hanging out playing dungeons and dragons.

We discuss such fact:

Dudley i'm going to watch the bachelor now. even though my brother's friends playing dungeons and dragons in the other room are judging me for it.
Yeti they can judge all you want. you know why? cause we deserve it. but we are still going to watch it, cause it is an addiction.

Dudley or i just like it
Yeti or....yeah...that's what i meant
Dudley: plus they are play dungeons and dragons and i don't judge them
Yeti: but you SHOULD. so...it is kind of even
Dudley but i don't. so they are stupid for judging me. my brother's most harsh friend just told me "i am neither a nerd nor a gentleman" . . . implying that he won't accept my accusation that he's a nerd (which i didn't make) and he won't be apologetic for judging me

I love nerd boys.

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