I might be turning hipster

I love music. This past year I have been discovering a lot of it - let's face it, no use in being humble about it - I'm kiiiiinda hip now. But music is kind of like a drug, a really really healthy and good one. Once you start discovering and uncovering new bands you just have to keep going. You become dissatisfied with the mundane and listening to the same old thing over and over again (sorry country music, but you did me good for SO many years!)

So I need to know what you're listening to. Help me become even more music savvy than I already am.

Here are some of my favorite discoveries (or introductions, I can't take credit for discovering them all myself) from 2010, in no particular order.

Mumford & Sons: Please, if you don't know about them yet - you MUST live in a cave. Right? Right?
King Charles: I heart his songs, his hair and his sporadic dance moves.
Laura Marling: Her voice, I THINK, cures diseases.
James Vincent McMorrow: I believe I have listened to his "We Don't Eat" on repeat for the last three months.
Great Lake Swimmers: *sigh
Hem: Excuse me, HOW had I not heard Hem before? I apologize.
Horse Feathers: I know, I know. I am so behind. But everything they do is so amazing.
Justin Bieber: KIDDING! (that was just to get my blog more random search hits :) Although, I do kind of like is "Baby" song, I really can't lie about that)
Loch Lomond: Anything with the word LOCH in the name you know is going to be good.
Bear in Heaven: Please, their facial hair ALONE would make me love them. I got to go hear them in concert and they are even more amazing live.
The Middle East: Again, the facial hair. But....seriously....this is one of the most musically talented bands I have ever heard. So many instruments - such an intense blending of sounds. I get lost in it all.
Cadillac Sky: Brilliant!
William Fitzsimmons: I think I like musicians with beards? His lyrics are intense...kind of depressing. But they are so real, and relatable. And his voice is like a smooth scotch.
Trampled by Turtles: If their names doesn't make you want to listen to them, I can't help you!

A special thank GOD for Daytrotter. They saved me from the sure embarrassment of not knowing anything about so many bands that are glorious and amazing and salve for the ears.

So...what bands am I missing? Who are the amazing lyrical and musical geniuses I need to add to my iTunes library in 2011?


James said...

I love this list. I don't know why I have been disconnected from the Yeti as long as I have. This was a jewel to come back to. So many new bands to listen to...and a nice glimmering $15 iTunes gift card to spend!

Robin said...

Say it ain't so. You can take the girl out of the country, but...

Robin said...

But also? Can I just borrow your new music? I want to be a hipster, too. A country hipster, that is.

Yeti said...

Haah! Don't worry Robin, I am not giving up the country...never! Also, yes, I would love to musically enlighten and delight your ears. Music coming your way!!