Christian Singles

So, if any of you grew up in religion, particularly Christianity, you know that you should not really be single past...22. I mean, it is TECHNICALLY okay if you are - but, really, there is probably something wrong with you becase you are supposed to get married, build a life, make babies and all that other...stuff.

I am not people.

So churches find ways of reaching out to those poor people that don't have that significant other to have and to hold forever and ever amen.

Here are some of the best ad's that I have come across trying to draw you in to their SUPER EXCITING SINGLES ACTIVITIES!!!


Facing Sunrise said...

i get the heart behind all of them except "singled out" . . .really? that's their way of making people feel less alienated?

Blomgrens said...

I have to say, these are all kinda awful. Nice try, I guess.