lunch break

A co-worker and I walked down to a local sex shop during our lunch break. You see, his brother is getting married in just a couple weeks and he needed some fun little gifts. And, ironically (or maybe not so ironically) I knew of a shop in the area. I will blame this on one of my best friends getting married last summer, being a bridesmaid, blah blah blah. I digress.

This shop is just terrible. I can't hardly believe they are still in business or sell 95% of the merchandise they have in there. But we were able to pick up a couple of things. One being some DICE! That's right...dice. We American's really know how to spice things up in the bedroom. The package contains three die. One has body parts, one has an action, and the third has a place.

If you are lucky enough, when rolled, you could end up: stroking- toes - in the closet.



Anonymous said...

Stroking my toes in the closet is my favorite "alone time" activity.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with those dice http://xkcd.com/708/ .

Facing Sunrise said...

the worst part about those shops is having to interact with the people who work there when you're ready to make a purchase. almost takes away from the fun of giving your BFFs something naughty for their bridal showers. or does it add to the fun? haven't figured that out yet.