Homeless Guy

So, this one is not so much a pick-up line as it is a pick-up action. There are a bunch of homeless guys by Fuller that have become my good buddies. Seriously, I love these guys. They are a hoot and I have a lot of fun hanging out and chatting with them.
And although from a very young age my parents taught me not to have favorites – I do. Randy is my favorite. I love this guy. One day I saw him while a co-worker Macall and I were on our routine walk to the coffee shop, we chatted a bit and then went on our merry way.
On our way back to the office we pass by the guys again. When Randy saw us coming from a distance he runs down from the booth he is sitting in (they have taken over the outdoor seating of an abandoned fast food restaurant) and lays sprawled out across the sidewalk pretending he has passed out.

Yeti: "Oh No!! What's happened to Randy?!?!"
Randy: "*cough* *cough* I think….i need….mouth-to-mouth *cough*." [and then he fake passes out again]
Yeti: "Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Nice try Randy."
Randy: "OK…you can't blame me for trying Princess."

Gotta love that guy. I wish this post could do justice to the hilarity of that scene. It just made my day. And Macall and I got a good laugh out of it.


charissa said...

bet you would've wanted homelessguy from groundworks to do the same thing... ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of insulted that I'm just your co-worker and not your friend...although I have been ditching out on your gladiator parties so maybe I don't deserve such a significant title

Anonymous said...

You wish I would move in with you...creepy

Dave and Betsy: said...

I hate to burst your bubble, but Randy gave the same line to me. Unfortunately I fell for it.
P.S. tell Randy I said HI.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I can totally see that guy doing that.

Danielle F. :)