No Thanks, Dad

So I recently joined salon.com. I know…the online thing isn’t exactly working for me so why would I join another site you ask? Because I love to entertain YOU! I get such great stories from the weirdo’s I meet – I can’t resist. Anyway, this is a site that is ran, apparently, through “The Onion” – and everyone loves that little publication. How could I resist?

I just started so I don’t have any real exciting stories for you just an observation:
WHEN is it ever ok for a 51 year old to wink (virtually) at a 24 year old? Seriously. Ew. The difference between our ages is GREATER than my current age. That is not ok. You could be my dad.

And this is all I’m getting here so far folks. One of my roommates also made a profile at the same time and she’s getting (in my humble opinion) some pretty good winks, emails, or “hotlisted” (that, apparently, just means they think you are hot???) by some potential fellers – and I get winks from dad’s in Venice Beach. *Sigh

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