Public Transportation Guy

I met a guy on the metro once. I don't ride it very often I am sad to report. But my friends and I were going down to Hollywood to prescreen the "Blades of Glory" movie. On our way back the train was pretty full so I ended up sitting apart from my group. I was next to this guy who tried to strike up a conversation with me.

He had just moved up to L.A from San Diego with his cousin to try and start a business or something [he could have told me he was selling drugs to little kids after school on the playground and I probably wouldn't have remembered that either – I wasn't really into the conversation]

He took an interest in my life why I was in his part of town, if I came here often, what I do…essentially leading to "can we meet up half way sometime?" [P.S…LOVE the chivalry of guys these days. What ever happened to picking the girl up? Or going to meet her? Now we've gotta meet half way or she has to come to you cause you hate the traffic on the 210? Well…guess what…so do I. And you aren't even that good-looking]

I told him I was not really interested and didn't want to give him my number so he decided he wanted to bless me with his number [HOW he still thought I might call him is beyond me – props for confidence] So as we reach his stop he starts to get up:

Metro: "You have something to write with?"
Yeti: "um…no."
Metro: "Well, find something. I've gotta give you my number so we can meet up for coffee."
Yeti: "oh, ok…" [Yeti reluctantly grabs a bank statement out of her purse and finds a pen laying on the floor]
Metro: "alright, you ready? [walking out the door] it's 323.807 [doors are starting to close, on top of him] no, wait, sorry 323.867.5309 [I actually just made up that number (it's from the song Jenny) because he yelled the rest of his number at me while the doors were close and the train had started moving]

I humor him by pretending I am writing it down [you know, giving the 'ol smile and head nod]. I wonder if he actually though I would ever call…

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