Shake it Up

Yeti is once again walking along Walnut (I really need to find a new street to walk on) back to work after her lunch break. She passes a young man holding a piece of paper in his hands looking (acting) lost...

Man: “Excuse me, do you know where xxx Walnut Ave is?”
Yeti: “I believe it should be just a little ways down there – if you just follow the numbers. I don’t know what exact building that would be though.”
Man: “Thanks. Alright. I’ve gotta be honest. I just thought you were real cute and wanted to chat with you.”
Yeti: “Oh, ok.”
Man: “Come on, what do you say you and me shake it up!” [now, this is where a blog is insufficient. I wish I could show you his body motions. Please stand, face the person closest to you and shimmy into their shoulder – this, hopefully, if you do it right, is the motion that was done to me several times]
Yeti: [fighting back laughter] “what???”
Man: “Yeah, we could shake it up” [do the shimmy move again while saying shake it up]
Yeti: “ok, I have to go.”
Man: “It could be real nice to Shake it up” [you know the drill]
Yeti: “ok, seriously, you need to never do that again.” [Yeti begins walking away]
Man: “But it could be fun to shake it up.” [yep…one more time]


Eric said...

words....cannot describe.....how awkward that sounded. I shall now try that with someone in my office. Oh wait no, I work in HR so no, no I won't. :)

Eric said...

If at first your lame tactic doesn't succeed, keep trying! It's bound to work if you keep repeating it! ...Right?

Lindsey said...

So that's where "shake it up" came from. Nice! I think that line might have worked on me, but only if accompanied by a shimmy.