A Little Swagger in Your Step

Yep...another pickup line. We'll call this one the walking man.

Yeti is once again on Walnut walking back to work after her lunch break. As a general rule - she will ignore any and all yells, whistles, honks, hoots, hollars, etc. she hears – please people, we are not animals. When you honk your horn at a girl she doesn't think to herself "gee, if only he had been going slow enough for me to give him my phone number!"

Man: "Hey!"
Yeti: […ignoring, not thinking man is talking to her (or really, just being hopeful)]
Man: "Hey!"
Yeti: […still ignoring.]
Man: "Hey!"
Yeti: […finally (reluctantly) turns around]
Man: "Where did you get that walk?"
Yeti: "Excuse me?"
Man: "Where did you get that walk?"
Yeti: "Um….I was born with it?"
Man: "Well, it's real cute."
Yeti: "Gee, thanks. I'll try real hard not to screw it up."

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charissa said...

HAH. or how about the guy, who instead of honking, sticks his head out the window as he's driving by, and yells at me while waiting at the stoplight, "HEY YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND??"