Church Guy

There once was a young girl named Yeti. She had been in California for about two years when she finally found a church that she loved. She knew she had found a great place when she walked through the doors for the first time. The pastor was funny, the coffee was good, the worship was catchy, they cared deeply about social justice, and there was a sea of attractive boys...this was in the month of March.

Come June the church organized an all-church retreat for the members to bond, get away, refresh, and get to know one another more. It was on this retreat that Yeti met (we’ll call him) red. She had, of course, seen him before - but before this time they had not spoken. She learned of his ambitions, passions and desires. These coupled with his irresistible smile and sense of style had her smitten. They chatted over a bonfire and Yeti knew she had met someone special.

Unfortunately, sometimes this outgoing Yeti gets shy and nervous around attractive boys. Introduce her to a boy she has no attraction to whatsoever and she will flirt like crazy - but show her a boy with potential and she avoids him like the plague. This would not do. But, alas, this was the story of their relationship for the next few months.

They didn't speak very much, but there was some serious eye-flirting that would go on every Sunday they were within proximity of each other [at least Yeti was eye-flirting...maybe red just had a twitch?]. Yeti found it especially difficult to concentrate on the Lord the weeks red played drums for worship - she thought the Lord would probably forgive her for singing "Your face is enough, your face is enough, your face is enough for me" rather than grace while starring at red, she couldn't help it. Those tattooed arms banging in perfect rhythm...

Yeti received an invitation to play broomball with some people at church. On this evite she saw the name "red" - and this name contained a last name. If it was her fair drummer - she did not know - but she had to find out. And so she went into stalking mode. She asked a couple of people. They were no help at all. And then, alas, she thought of the best networking tool she had at her fingertips...FACEBOOK!

And so she typed in the name...and alas - who was the FIRST person to appear? Cha-Ching!

She clicked....she read...she enjoyed.

And in a moment of bold courage she clicked on the link "Add red as a friend"

It was not but a couple hours later that that invitation was accepted. But then there was nothing - not even a confirmation consoling her he actually remembered who she was.

And so...in an effort to keep the courage train rolling she sent him a message:

What's up? Haven't talked to you in a while…or really at all, since the church retreat :) Enjoyed getting to know you a bit there. Hope things are going well with j** and the music producing. We'll have to be sure we catch up again one of these weeks at church through the sea of people.
Hope you're well,

And so she waited. For how long she would have to wait - she was not sure. Would he remember her? Was he really eye-flirting back or was she making that up? And then her [somewhat-enough-to-over-analyze] answer came...

[5.10pm - same day]
Definitely!! It's good to hear from you. [first of all....TWO exclamation points - that's a little excessive. a period, I feel obligated to write back. one, I remember you. two, I-want-you-I-need-you-oh-baby-oh-baby]

The producing is going... we actually start recording his EP tomorrow, crazy timing huh? [a.k.a. you are SO SWEET to remember] Should be cool, i'm really excited about it all.

I don't know if you were already invited or not but one of the guys from church is throwing a big Super Bowl party, if you are around and don't have plans you should come.

If you are planned out already for the Super bowl... well, I'll probably see you Sunday anyways.

And so she rejoiced...with much rejoicing, and accepted the invitation.

They met after church, enjoyed some local Hollywood cuisine (*cough* Sharkey’s!), and headed over to the party.

But what happened next? you ask....well, you’ll (we'll) just have to wait and see. I’m not going to say it was anti-climactic, I’m just going to say I don’t have the rest of the story for you yet. You know those times you really can’t feel people out – you don’t know whether they are enjoying your company or “tagging” you along like a good Christian does to church events? It was kind of like that…I guess maybe I’ll have to chalk this one up to “he’s just not that into you.”


charissa said...

um i don't even know why i'm laughing. i just am. i heart you.

charissa said...

for reals. its all about the eros. THOSE boys need to come into your life soon.