Tell Me Something I Don't Know

It is time for another great L.A. pickup line. This time it is stutter boy.

Yeti is walking down Walnut Street again, this time she is just beginning her lunch break so she is headed to her house from the office. She passes a young man (probably early 20's but looks like he's 12) and gives a courtesy smile (I realize this gesture can be misleading in CA - not many people do this here - but I am from the Midwest people, we smile at people - it's just what you do)

Boy: “Yo…yo…yo…you’re go…go….Gorgeous!”
Yeti: “um….thanks?” [continue walking]
Boy: “Wanna go out or get coffee or eat or something sometime?”
Yeti: "I don't think so." [continue walking]

I will say though - this one did boost my confidence a bit for the day :) What a sweet boy!

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