What Happens When You Drink?

I go salsa dancing every weekend - I think I've told you that. I was at the Rumba Room one weekend and met these two guys at the bar while taking a break from dancing. One of the guys C* asked if he could buy me a drink. Sure. Malibu and Coke was the choice of the evening. I enjoyed the drink and perhaps even enjoyed his company as we stood and chatted by the bar counter. He was witty and funny.

C*: “Can I buy you another Malibu and Coke?”
Yeti: “No, I have to drive tonight and I am a light-weight.”
C*: “So...when I drink too much I tend to take off all my clothes and get naked. Do you happen to have that problem?”
Yeti: “No.”
C* “No? Really? Oh, yeah...no...that's cool.”

So, let me admit that with this one – I thought it was kind of funny. Had I not been chatting with him for a while before the comment – I might have thrown what little beverage I had left in my hand into his face. But I had to give the guy credit for his perverted attempt. We chatted for not much longer after that and then I made my quiet escape, on the wings of my friend Elizabeth who was (reluctantly) giving her number to his friend, before C* could even ask me for mine.


Carla said...

ok why haven't you told me that you go salsa dancing every weekend before.. and why haven't you invited me. whore. ok you're not really a whore but it's my new favorite word right now. i use it when people don't do what i want them to do. which is actually kinda accurate to the definition of the word... hm...

Anonymous said...

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