It All Comes Full Circle

eHarmony creates weird circles. It shows you show small your world is. Seriously. It is kind of ridiculous. I have a couple of matches that have turned out (or are turning out) to be quite a story:

First, I got matched with this guy – we'll call him Shooter – and he was my favorite match I had the whole time I was on eHarm. Amazing profile, seemed like a real quality guy. He never ended up getting back to me when we were connected as compatible matches – but as I said before…my world is small and everything came back full circle. I joined eHarmony in May right before summer classes had began and shortly thereafter one of my roommates began telling me about a new guy in one of her classes that seemed pretty cool. She went out with him a couple of times and when I finally got to see a picture of him it turned out to be Shooter! What are the odds!?!? We are actually really good friends now.

Next we have Rocker. I got matched on eHarmony with him pretty early on. One of my roommates really liked him for me so we started going through the process. We got to the third stage where we exchange the longer questions – it was right after I answered these questions that he closes me down. This is the message I get:

One of the hardest things about any new relationship is deciding when or if you should continue forward in a relationship.

On June 04, 2007, 03:02PM PDT Rocker chose to permanently close communication with you for the following reason(s):
• Other

WHAT?!?!?! Other? What does that even mean? The nerve of that mother other. OK...whatever. I let it go.

Jump ahead 7 months when I am looking at Shooter's facebook (remember, we're friends now) and I notice a recent picture he has been tagged in with a vaguely familiar face. Turns out it is Rocker. I ask Shooter how he knows him - turns out they are like BFF. Grrrrrrreat.

Fast-forward again a couple weeks the filming of my friend's thesis film...we'll call him Jefferson. I meet Rocker (I told Shooter I didn't want to meet him but I knew this night it was inevitable). I really thought he was staring at me the entire night (a friend of mine can confirm they thought this as well - that or he was spacing out in my general direction). Anyway, I figure either he finds me really hot or he was trying to put it all together (probably both :-))
Turns out after talking to Shooter the next day he has no idea - doesn't remember me at all. What kind of match whore doesn't remember me?? Seriously. Come on!

So now fast forward to this last week. I end up going over to Rocker's house with Shooter and Jefferson. Anyway, we go over to play rock band after class. I was a little hesitant to go but figured if I was with the guys (and Rocker doesn't remember me at all anyway) what is the harm? Right? So we go over there, play, it is a pretty good time. When we leave Shooter makes some comments - vibes - he's Shooter, I ignore them.

The following morning I get a text from him saying that Rocker talked to him and is "digging my sauce" and "wants to get in there"! WHAT?!?!?!?! How hilarious and ironic is that. He still has no clue. I told Shooter I should just print out a copy of my answers from eHarmony (the ones that made him close me) to give to him and save us all a lot of time. He clearly closed me for some reason. Shooter said he wants us all to hang out some more and I should give him a chance....not so sure. But I would like to find out what "other" means....

So - that's my story. What a small world. How weird is it that things come full circle?
...and guys, don't shut a girl down if you're just going to think she's hot and want to date her 7 months later :)


Eric said...

My favorite part is that you almost dated a guy "named" Shooter.

"I eat pieces of sh$* like you for breakfast!"
"You eat pieces of sh*@ for breakfast?"

charissa said...

HAHA. awesome.
get in WHERE?

Aaron L said...

This good stuff. I am dying to know what made ol shooter hit the kill switch out of nowhere.

Aaron L said...

I mean honestly, BAAAM!, just like that. What did you say!? haha

It does make me wonder if I would have fallen for Megan on paper before meeting her. hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Ok so you have to tell me who "Shooter" and "Rocker" are... I'm on the edge of my seat here!! I've been cracking up reading all your blogs. Ok, if you want to be really secretive about it you could just email me there names. ;)

Danielle Farquhar

carla said...

can i just say that i was there at the filming event (how'd it turn out btw??) and witnessed this whole thing.. how'd it turn out?? and sorry that it took forever for me to read this.. i was missing out!