Is There No Mystery Anymore?

You know what the problem is with dating in LA? At least with women (and I am sure it is similar with guys) you see someone in a bar or dance club or coffee shop or on television or at the gas station [what? I’m not picky!] that you’re mildly attracted to. You spend some time observing them – perhaps over a series of weeks (say if you….oh…go to church or something with them) and you like what you are seeing. But then the problem comes when you actually meet/get to know them.
You see, a person has no faults when you observe them from afar. My roommate used to make fun of me for saying “I don’t want to meet you, you’ll only disappoint me” but it’s so TRUE! I have this idea built up in my head of the perfect being that you are and meeting you only disproves everything I have worked so hard to disillusion myself into believing.
Why do we have this ideal built up in our minds of a perfect specimen that might be out there for us? Have any of you ever met them? Please do tell. Because, even among the “happily” married couples I know – I don’t believe they would say that. We have such unrealistic expectations – and really, all we love is the mystery [and then, maybe, the chase…hehe]. What might be and what could have been.
Take The Bouncer for example – he was perfect – until I gave him my number and we went out and I became a second-hand weed smoker. Maybe some things (or people) are better left to mystery…

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