Remember Rocker?
Apparently he has continued to ask Shooter when we can all hang out again. So I decide to get to the bottom of this ridiculous "other-ness". So, via facebook (I really do love facebook) we engage in a rather ridiculous conversation. Please…buckle up.

Yeti “So, you want to tell me what “other” meant?” [yes, I realize I am mean and beating a dead horse – but…that’s me!]

Rocker: “haha...wow, did you really just ask that??!! Thats really funny..."other" obviously meant "Im pretty sure God is gonna have a better way for us to meet in the future"...i hate eharm!! So are we gonna hang out again or what?

a. Definitely
b. Probably
c. Definitely not
d. Other :)”

[I am sad to report I did not change anything about this response. There really was a multiple choice and he really did blame it on God. ‘nuff said]

Yeti [not feeling like I could be very mean yet – I was partially afraid the God part was serious, this was my reply]
“i DID just ask that...i went there...and my answer is......
e. give me a real answer and we'll see.
To my roommates and I "other" meant - you're ugly - unless you were in the middle of talking to someone. There HAD to have been a reason you closed me other than "God will make us meet some other time" (ESPECIALLY since you didn't even remember me!)- I am sorry but I am just not going to let you get away with the "Christianize" answer :) fess up...what was it.”

Rocker: “Sorry about the christianize...its just so hard to not talk about God in all my conversation because I pray without ceasing. But I can see how a normal, mediocre christian wouldnt get that. haha
Dude, I close every match with "other." I think eharm is retarded. But to be honest I probably closed you cause you go to Fuller. I used to not think too highly of people who go there cause I had some bad experiences, and odds are I didnt even give you chance from the beginning just cause of that. Is it fair? Nope, but hey, you wanted honesty!”
[can’t say I blame him…. ☺]

Yeti “you caught me! most Fuller females are mediocre and lukewarm - i am no exception. it was good you closed me down before more of that truth came out.
WHY did you do eharmony if you hate it so much? you paid for it - you mind as well get the most out of it...no?
and i don't think your reason was bad - i closed every Fuller person i got matched with. i just refused to do the Fuller connection. not because of a bad experience...just cause i figured they should be able to ask me out after class, or get my email from our directory, or ask my roommate for my number...you know, some way less clinical.
well...glad that's settled. and please, stop closing girls with "other" - that is the worst response...”

[So, there you have it. Haven’t heard from him again. Maybe it’s over? Maybe he’s crafting a really good response? Only time will tell. The heathen seminary strikes again!]


Eric said...

"Its just so hard to not talk about God in all my conversation because I pray without ceasing. But I can see how a normal, mediocre christian wouldnt get that."

Are you f-ing serious? Did he really just write that to a girl he was interested in and trying to explain himself to? I was actually angry when I read that. Reeeediculous.

Charles said...

Thanks for leaving the answer to my question

aaron said...

I agree with Eric. I am angrier and dumber for reading his comment.

In my mind, Rocker definitely has a mullet and drinks busch lite

Carla said...

wow.. Como se dice IDIOTA en ingles?
he was nothing to agonize over... trust me.. i saw the fool! but "other"? wow. that's all i can say.