Take Two

So I bet you all thought the story ended there – I was stood up, that should have been the end. But, no. Instead of heeding God’s divine intervention I decided out of the goodness of my heart I would give d* a second chance. He offered to drive to Pasadena so we grabbed coffee. Let me see if I can review some of the highlighted phrases.

"I have no desire to ever go to Nepal. I am not a free spirit like you. I need to have my American food and coffee shops…and they don’t even have paved roads there do they?"
"I never want to have kids. If I do they'll be a mistake and I'll be sure to tell them that every time they irritate me."
"The more I hear about you, your family and friends the more I realize I have no purpose in my life"
“I’m really sorry about how I look, I usually clean up better than this.”

And at the end of the date he felt like telling me he was going to court the next day because a few months ago he hit a school bus and drove off. Misdemeanor – hit and run.

But my favorite, which we must end on, I tried to make him feel better about standing me up the night before and that just ended up biting me in the ass…
Yeti: Don’t worry about it. I bet that is just your screening process. You don’t show up on the first date to make sure a girl is nice enough to give you a second chance.
d*: yep, that’s how I weed ‘em out. Only the real desperate ones come back for more.
WOW! That’s when I said it was time to go. And thankfully (surprisingly) he hasn’t called back…

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