The Writer

I have a good friend I was matched with on eHarmony – and although I did not mean for it to get back to him, he found out that I said his profile sucked. We later talked about it and in a LOVING way I told him he really didn’t put his best foot forward. I just felt there was so much more about himself he wasn’t sharing – and everything he did share sounded so bland (to which he replied “it’s not my fault, they wouldn’t let me use crayon” – nice!).
So, this is not his profile, this is merely another example of a guy that I hope has a girl in his life that is going to lovingly tell him that his profile sucks. This comes from plentyoffish.com.

I think it's a very nice website to know people through.

I am just a deep hearted man, looking for an emotional heart and meeting a woman who has angel's eyes, and child's heart. [not quite sure what this means, but it DOES make me slightly uncomfortable – although, Christ did say in the Bible we need to come to him with the heart of a child so…maybe it is Biblical?]

I am stable, responsible, hard worker, moral, have a lot of plans for a happy and good future for me and my woman together. [pick a tense!]
I am honest but funny,( have my way to make you laugh), quite and talkative. [does that make anyone else nervous? What is this “way” he has to make you laugh? What are you going to do to me? And is that Quite talkative or quiet and talkative? I can’t tell if he has bad grammar or just contradicts himself.]
I can give my woman the pleasure of moment cause I know what she is worthy for. [A whole MOMENT of pleasure?!?! *sigh]
A good partner in the long talk(Listen to every thing my love wants me to hear) [I don’t do anything about it, but I nod and smile]

Any thing else??
I am a talented writer, [yes, we can see that already from the profile you have put together!] and some big directors and stations gave positive opinions for my scripts. [were they blind or lying?]
I have a creative mind, have BA in philosophy, and master in Education and teaching.
I was one of the best in my university. [no comment]

I hate to make games with people, so I hate they do too with me.

I respect woman, and believe my future woman will make me perfect(or better). [good luck with that! We love it when guys think that]
I am looking for a serious friendship with an open mind, smart, spirtual woman, who loves people, and believes in the importance of friendship between the couple. [I think he is maybe talking about foursomes here??]


Daphne said...

hahaha!! why settle for a perfect guy when you can have one who is even better than perfect.

the kicker is... said...

oh. my. gosh. this is...
well, there just aren't words now, are there?