Valentines Day

So, it’s Valentines Day. Why do people hate this day? Married, Engaged, Dating, Singles – everyone I talked to (except Lindsey) hates this day. Or at least the hype and expectation that comes with this day. I think we loose the focus – we think it’s all about the Eros. A celebration of romantic love – of that time cupid hit you in the ass with his dart and you were looking at someone else who was hit at the same time. You couldn’t sit for a couple of days but the warm fuzzies you had tingling from your head to your toes right down to the marrow of your bones was well worth it! Oh – if only you could go back to those days you couldn’t eat or sleep…or go to class (thank God!!).
But we loose sight of all the other relationships in our lives (well, I don’t cause that’s all I have are other relationships…you know…you’ve been reading). It’s all love we are celebrating. The love I share with my roommates – the love Kristin and Kimberly showed me last night by having me into their home and cooking me dinner – the love of my family – the love of the most wonderful Specca and the love she passes on to the children of Libres por Amor – and the love I shared with them in the week I got to spend there – the love I share with Nepal – the list can go on and on (maybe even the love-or lack there of-we find on the internet?? ...er ....nevermind). It’s like the movie “Love Actually” – love actually IS all around us – and it’s not just Eros – it’s a whole lot of agape. And that should be celebrated on this day too.

…now, I’m gunna go out find me some good ‘ol Eros lovin’. Maybe nub is available on such short notice!?!? ;-)

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Lindsey said...

Thanks for the shout out. And I like what you had to say.