Where's Lake Avenue?

Yeti and two of her friends (one female and one male) are walking down Walnut back home after a great evening of live jazz music at the Holly Street Bar and Grill. As they are walking and approach the intersection of Walnut and Los Robles a random car driving along pulls a U-turn (completely illegal) then stops right next to them.
Man: “Excuse me, could you tell me where Lake Ave. is?”
Guy with Yeti: “It is like 4 blocks that way.” [pointing]
Man: “So, which of you are single and which of you are taken?” [referring to Yeti and her girlfriend]
Yeti: “We are both taken…bummer huh!Man: “You for real? Come on!” [cheezy and somewhat creepy smile]
Man: “Alright, I can’t lie, I just thought you were real cute so I wanted to pull over and chat with you.” [looking at Yeti]
Yeti: “Oh, ok, thanks.”
Man: “I mean, you’re ok too.” [looking at Yeti's girlfriend]

…yes, men, that is the way to win a woman’s heart. Cut down her friend. Then she’ll reeeeally want you.

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Leann said...

I've always wondered what other responses Creeper McCreepsters think they'd get...
because who wouldn't jump right in the car and head out, hands down?