open communication

And while we are on the topic of eHarmony – let’s talk about this GEM (literally…he collects rocks or something). I went all the way to open communication with this one and then THIS is what he hits me with:

"Hey there, finally open communication, haha. This will just be a random spilling of my heart on what I view a good relationship to be. I believe it starts off with having a personally strong relationship with God, followed by developing a friendship with someone who you can also build strong relationship on God. Without Him it is pointless. I look forward to finding that woman that I can pray with and study God's word with. Someone who god will use to bring out areas of myself that I never knew about. I see it like this. Until I knew god I didn't know who I was. But, as soon as I found Him He showed me who I was. Now, I believe I am complete with just God, but since I know God has a woman for me I know that there is a part of my life that isn't complete. I don’t need her to complete me and God, but I do want her because I know it is something God will use to change who I am. I can fear change, but I know in the end the right person will turn me into who God wants me to be. So far I look at my life and see the impact that everyone who has known me has had. Now, just imagine how much of an impact that perfect one for me will have. It blows my mind!!!! Now, I do understand having alone time and down time with friends and God. I am the type of guy that struggles with downtime. I would rather be with friends, but when I do have that downtime with just God I come away refreshed spiritually. I would never deny that time for someone I love. All my relationships in the past have been long distance, so there was just a natural balance of time alone. I am little interested to see how it will all play out in my future, but I know if it is someone God has for me I will desire to be with her a lot, haha. As God says, two will become one. It is interesting though how that will also play out. I believe we all have different things that make us who we are and that if I truly love someone those things will stay a part of them. I love my time with my guys and I would need it. But, at the drop of a dime I would give it up if my significant other needed me. I am not out to change someone, only to help them fall in love with God and to just be in a relationship of love, understanding, forgiveness, and taking this world by storm for God. Missions are something I am going to do. I don’t care where I go as long as God can use me I am willing. Nepal, China, Japan, India, my backyard. Wherever it is I want people to have a better view of God because of meeting me. Ok, enough of my randomness. I can write for hours, haha."

[They should really warn you they are this weird right off the bat…]


charissa said...

um. wow.
at least he's open to going to nepal? haha.

Leann said...

If I had a nickel for every time he said "God"...I'd be a rich woman.

Leann said...

i think that would please many a reader... haha :)

the kicker is... said...

okay, in my head I was screaming "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!" about 3 sentences in.
I mean, I can talk... I know this. But that was ridiculous.

James said...

So, uh, God. And God needs to teach me to edit. And God is doing a work there, but I might think God wants me to edit, and might send someone when I am alone to help me God edit.

Jees...this is my first one to comment on, wow!