Some of you may know I go salsa dancing (most) every Sunday night in Pasadena at a place called Vive (when Erika won't let us go to Rumba Room). Well, currently there is a real cute bouncer (there have been about 5 in the past year I have been going, W* has had the job for about five months).

A couple months ago I was leaving the club with my roommate Erika and he stopped me:
W*: "You look real familiar - are you from around here?"
Yeti: "Yeah, I live here in Pasadena."
W*: "Where did you go to school?"
Yeti: "Oh, well, I am going to school here right now. But I went to undergrad at a really small school in Minnesota."
W*: "Where?"
Yeti: "Bethel University."
W*: "That's in the same conference as Macalester isn't it?"
Yeti: "Yes!"
W*: "Yeah, I went to a small school in Iowa. We played them in football. I love the Midwest. I really miss it."

[Then the conversation went on for a while about all the things we love and miss about the Midwest. Particularly how people aren't afraid to say hello to one another - look one another in the eye - and when said things happen someone isn't looking for a fight]

W: "Well, I just thought you looked familiar."
Yeti: "Maybe it is just cause I am from the Midwest so I like to smile at people."
W: "Well, it sure caught my attention [wink - dimple smile]."

[Yeti giggles like a little school girl and skips away]

Erika and I go back to Vive again in two weeks - he is there. When I first arrive and he is swiping my ID he makes some subtle flirty comment that, of course, makes me freeze up, loose all witty sass I possess and I pretty much just walk inside.

But come later in the evening (around 10:00p when they stop charging cover) he has come in from his post outside and sat his handsome self down in a chair. I decide...what the heck, what do I have to loose? So I go and grab a seat next to him and start to "chop it up." We chat until around 11:15p when Erika finally comes up and says she is ready to leave. He was TOO cute. We were pretty flirty – you know – the close talking and pretend secrets. And let's be honest, I was kind of surprised he didn't ask me for my number - but was quite confident that would come the next week or soon thereafter. My best point of the evening was when I asked him what time he got off work and he said "why, you got plans for me?" and in my most smooth fashion I replied: "no [insert giggle], I have to work at 8!" (but, seriously, I am NOT that smooth)

A couple other gems throughout the night:
He asked me if I grew up on a farm. This guy was not kidding when he said he loves the Midwest. I think he was actually pretty disappointed when I told him no. But he felt better when I told him I did live within walking distance of corn...hmmmm.
At one point he tried to convince me to come to Vive on a Saturday night cause that is when they have hip-hop - that is what he likes to dance. (The best part is he CAN dance salsa!!) I said obviously he has been deceived into thinking I can dance by watching me salsa. I proceeded to prove myself by doing the sprinkler in front of him [for those who think I am joking – I wish I were. I actually put my right hand behind my head – my left hand straight out and moved them back and forth].
So when I left he shook my hand (you know, the one where they lay their other hand on top of your hand, like a little hand hug) and said, you come back next Sunday ok? But not Saturday - don't come Saturday! (*wink*) haah! He's probably (absolutely) right :)


Eric said...

Awww, who'd have that thought that a story that started with going to a club could have such a cute ending? Well, not me anyway. I really liked the "hand hug" line. I am personally a fan of the hand hug but now you have me paranoid that it's flirty whereas I mean it as caring with everyone not named Christy. Thoughts?

Eric said...

Haha. Well I'm glad to hear that. For what it's worth, not that you don't know this, guys giving hand hugs to strangers are DEFINITELY flirty. :) Your posting frequency has me thinking your Girl Child class is going as well as my OT class.