A Text Conversation

I think I have mentioned before that texting (especially if you were introduced to them on match.com and have never actually met them before) is probably not the best idea.
But they can give you funny stories...

[7:10p] d*: "Seriously though...this weekend we should hang out catch a flick and go to canters or something."

[7:14p] Yeti: "Yes!! I am totally up for anything - and if I knew what canters was I think I would be even more excited. I am free all weekend :-)"

[7:19p] Yeti: "Got it - the roommate knew. Please tell me that is what we are actually going to do :-)"

[7:22p] d*: "What did your roommate say canters was? And yes. :)"

[7:23p] Yeti: "Some jewish service with a singer that accompanies the rabbi"

[7:56p] d*: "Yes...that is a canter, but i'm talking about the deli on fairfax"

HOW do you even respond to that???? I am so awesome! It is actually perfect that it turned out to be a deli - that makes me happy :)

AND...by the way...if you type canters into a google search it is the FIRST hit

And it is apparently a HISTORIC landmark in LA....oops

Ah well...can't win 'em all.

(And, yes, this is the same d* I got stood up by and then ended up going out with later on that pretty awful date.)

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