Cute Like a Little Baby Turtle

It is inevitable. There are boys that you want to like – you really do – they are amazing. You have great conversation, you enjoy their company, they make you laugh - but there is just no spark or heat. A good friend of mine once said, "Well, you could rub your bodies together and try to create some heat!" Unfortunately, it is not that easy [at least I don't think so – I haven't actually tried…yet]
My roommates and I call these types of guys the cute-like-a-baby-turtle guys. There are different types of cute. And these are the ones that really do have a good-lookin' face, there's just no real attraction there [you know, the I just couldn’t picture myself kissing that face, face].
So what’s a girl to do?
Settle? Maybe the spark and heat isn’t really all they hype it up to be [er….]
Give it more time and hope God makes them more attractive or gives you new eyes?
If only you could give them a little Edward Norton juice to drink….


Olivia McCain said...

and you know what's odd, guys have the same thing happen to them! they'll be dating a girl, and she's cute and funny and all that but there's just no spark.

that spark thing is so freakin' tricky! :)

Jus said...

Would drinking Ed Norton juice make me white?

Eric said...

Regarding the 'spark', here's a quote from a University of Hawaii psychologist:

"It seemed only people in the West were goofy enough to marry for passionate love, but in all of the cultures I've studied, people love wildly."


Dave and Betsy: said...

Spark is necessary...but I have to say that sometimes the spark does really develop b/c I think timing or a place someone is in determines whether someone is ready to feel the spark. Does that make sense?

Don't settle but I wouldn't say write a person off though either. Maybe be open to something developing, or just try the rubbing bodies thing.