Head Nod

Let me share another pearl of wisdom from Guy 2. It was shared that same night I learned size matters.

Apparently there was a girl he went out with who had violated the rules of male/female communication. This, apparently, is another understood rule that I was missing out on. He went out with a girl that would share [apparently long] stories or thoughts with him and then ask him his opinion on what she had shared. "Seriously, what three specific things stood out to you?" [OK, I will give the guy the obnoxiousness of her asking for specifics...what is that? But that does not make up for what followed]

This is the pearl of wisdom he shared:
You can talk as much as you want, seriously, all night. Just as long as I can nod my head and not listen. It is an understood FACT that men should only be expected to nod their head and offer up an occasional "mmmm hmm" but not actually have to listen to what you are saying.


...does this go the same way for girls if we are out with Mr. Won't-Shut-up?


Kimberly said...

I bet this guy's not dating anyone is he?

Olivia McCain said...

i'm dating a guy and one of the things that impresses me the most is that he actually LISTENS to me! and days after a conversation he will say something like "didn't you say last week that your nephews birthday is in May?"

the head-nod does not fly with me. :)