The Humor Factor

"Who cares what the face looks like as long as it makes you laugh?" -me

OK…but seriously. I love to laugh. Not many people can handle me I find. I tend to intimidate and offend [yes, yes….admitting it is the first step – but for me it is the only step. Deal.] If a guy can keep up with my witty banter and sarcasm – winner! I can get over or forget about a lot of things if you can make me laugh.

I had a friend ask me the other day “what are the top three things you are looking for in a guy?”
[We already had the understanding that I would want someone that loves God]
So I didn’t really hesitate before answering:
Someone who loves to travel: the WORLD is going to be a part of my life. I grew up traveling and that is something I want to continue doing
Someone who wants to live the unsettled life: money is not a big deal to me, sure, I worry about it sometimes [a lot], but I have never cared to have a whole lot of it
Someone who is passionate about social justice

But then I realized I had forgotten to list I think the very top thing. LAUGHTER. They have to make me laugh!!!!!! [yes, I just put six (6) exclamation points]

Well, maybe it would be nice if they had a beard.

…so what are your top three [or four]?


Olivia McCain said...

in no particular order:
(the freebie: loves God and is active in his faith)
-is easy-going (i.e. patient, relaxed, etc.) because i worry and am often anxious and i need someone to help balance me out
-loves/appreciates art because i enjoy music, film, museums, etc. and i want to enjoy all of this with him
-kind-hearted because kindness improves all situations and this characteristic is something i want my children to see and admire
-he must be tall. i won't date a guy under 6 feet. 6'3" is nice. i went on a date last night with a guy who is 6'4", which was even nicer. :)

the kicker is... said...

With you, I'm going to put "actively in love with Christ" as a given... so here's my top hopes after that, in no particular order...
* Doesn't take himself too seriously - which really translates to: willing to laugh at himself, and makes me laugh too
* Enjoys traveling and is willing to give up some vaca time for family mission experiences
* Would rather be outdoors than in
* Has an open-home policy - I want to be willing to take in folks who need a place to stay, whether that be missionaries, a needy teenager, college students, or a single person in transition (sound familiar?;) )
* Is CRAZY over me!!!!!! (that's MY six-exclamation-point point!)