So, a couple of my [single] girlfriends actually requested I write this blog. That means this is not just me. Take heed. We are going to let you single men readers of this blog in on a little secret. Do you want to know what is attractive? What is more likely to get you a date?

Be a straight-shooter.

Half of the girls I talk to can't remember the last time a guy wasn't completely vague with them. [Refer to my post on the ambiguous date]. And I realize it is hard - the thought of....[should I even say it?] rejection!! But honesty is the place to start.

So I am going to help you out. Here are two scripts. One if you want to be a bit more laid back - and one if you are really into the girl and just want to make it happen:

#1 Laid Back: Hey, I would really love to take you out some time. Would you be interested in going out with me? [*notice: none of this "hang out" crap - that's vague.]

#2 Make it Happen: I really like you and would love to get to know you more. Could I take you out sometime?

Seriously. Do it. The confidence is irresistible.


Olivia McCain said...

or say "hi. i think your hot and i want to get into your pants. sound good?"

that sort of honesty would also be appreciated. haha!

Jus said...

Took your sweet time. Where was this advice back when I was in high school or college?