Highway Man

I work with some amazing people. Really. That is part of the reason I love my job so much. Among these amazing people I work with are some really fun single girls I love to study, go to coffee shops, salsa dance, and just chat with. THIS is a priceless story from the beautiful and wonderful Danielle that I just could not pass up sharing. I’m thinking beginnings of a screenplay…

Today I learned that there are benefits to the insane traffic in Los Angeles after all. While sitting in grid lock frustration, traveling at a speed of about three miles and hour (literally) I started looking around at the people in the cars around me. I realized that at that particular time in the existence of our lives we all had something in common. We were all tired (it was close to 1 a.m.), frustrated, and unaware of what was causing the backup. When that sort of thing happens you can't help but get the urge to form an alliance or fellowship of some kind. It's like you almost want to start up random conversations with people who are next to you picking their noses. At first I had my music on really loud and tried to dance my way through the traffic torture. Then I decided to turn it down to see what others around me were listening to. I was actually trying to see if anyone around me was listening to music I'd like, because maybe they would be people I like.

As I was trying to listen, an attractive man pulls up next to me and there was a woman who I presume was either his wife or girlfriend sleeping in the passenger seat. The man began giving me the "eye." Not the evil eye, but the "I want to get in your pants" eye. I in turn gave him the "you're a disgusting pig, I would never give your old, disrespecting ass the time of day" eye and kept driving.

I then resorted back to my music for comfort. A little Lily Allen, then some Wyclef, then back to Lily Allen again. The music was good but I really wanted to call someone on the phone and complain about L.A. traffic. The only person I thought who might be up was my brother (and he's on the east coast!) so I called him. While I was trying to explain the depth of traffic on the 101 to my brother who seemed more interested in his chicken salad with raspberry dressing, another guy pulls up on my right in a little white sporty number and out of the corner of my eye I see and feel him looking at me. I look over to test my peripheral vision, and this dude is blowing kisses at me. WTF? Who does that? He wasn't my type and the whole scenario kind of made me laugh so I just kept driving and shared with my brother what was going on. He insisted that I have some fun with it and suggested I traffic kiss him back. I wasn't into the idea so much.

After hanging up with my brother, I went back to the music. This time it was Alicia Keys. The music was pumpin’, I was getting my dance on at the steering wheel, and before you know it, along comes this hot black car, with this hot black man in the drivers seat. He pulled up next to me as far as he could and smiled. I couldn't totally see him because he was kind of behind my car so I was trying to look back to get a better view. Then he got a chance to pull up closer and we played this little cat and mouse game; looking, smiling, catching up to each other as the traffic moved at different speeds in each lane. So cute. Then at one point I got a good look into the car I realized there was a woman asleep in his car too!!! WWWWTTTTFFFF? I mean really guys. Is it not even safe for women to sleep anymore? Is that how determined you are to mow the grass in other pastures? Anyway, sorry to say that the guy was a little too cute for me to care, especially when he mouthed "WHAT IS YOUR PHONE NUMBER?” To which I replied, using my fingers, 412-818.... As I "signed" my phone number he typed it into his phone while his date continued to sleep like a log in the passenger seat. Part of me justified it by considering that both of them were dressed like they just went out or were about to go out, and she was fast asleep. That's kind of rude, don't you think? After I gave the guy my phone number he mouthed, "I AM GOING TO CALL YOU." I just waved and smiled and as his lane started moving I watched him drive off into the sea of red tale lights wondering if he'd ever actually call, or if it was just a fun little party action among commuters.

About 45 minutes later I get a call on my cell from a 310 area code. I knew it was him. I was so tempted to play that "I am not going to answer the phone” game...followed by the "I am going to see if he leaves a message” game, but I didn't. I picked up the phone and our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: "Hello"

Him: "Um, hi, uh, this is the guy you gave your phone number to in the black infinity on the 101."

Me: "Hello guy I gave my phone number to in the black infinity on the 101, how are you?" (I am so witty)

Him: "So where are you?"

Me: "I am at home."

Him: "Can I come over and properly introduce myself?"

Me: "Are you crazy?"

Him: "No why?"

Me: "It's 2 o'clock in the morning, and you're a stranger who asked for my number while you had a chick in your car. 

Him: "Oh she is a long story, and I don't normally do this!"

Me: "If I had a nickel for every time I heard THAT!"

Him: "hahaha. Well, what should I do, can I meet you sometime?"

Me: "Sure"

Him: "When"

Me: "How about tomorrow?"

Him: "Sounds great. I'll come out your way. You're worth it. Oh wait, what's your name?"

yada yada yada. 

So thanks to traffic on the 101, I have a brunch date tomorrow.


Michi said...

WOAH! I drive 40 fricken miles a day and this has never happened to me!

Go girl :)

Joy said...

awesome. i'm moving to l.a.

you *are* gonna let us know how it goes, right?

danielle said...

I so wish this was the beginning of a story that would have been passed down to my grandkids, but unfortunately the dude's interests included "basketball, bowling, and porn." He ACTUALLY told me that over brunch. At best, we certainly had interesting conversation, and he treated, just no love connection. Maybe I'll hit rush hour before the weekend ;-)