Gorgeous Eyes

I was trying to be a good little disciplined girl on Saturday and study hard. I went to one of my favorite café’s in Pasadena to read and write for a while. [And I was quite productive if I do say so myself…*pat on the back*]

On my way out of the café I ran into a guy on the street selling candy bars. My best guess is that it was for his high school? I don’t know – I am probably the worst judge of age ever. That’s why I go for guys with receding hair lines – then I know I am not accidentally going for a 17 year old. 17 is the new 25…you can’t tell anymore. Or is it 30 is the new 17 cause that is how old they act? I digress.

Anyway, he asked if I would buy one. I probably should have. They're like, what, $2? But I decided to stick to my guns and hold firm to “NO” despite his persistence. And then he proceeded to tell me what gorgeous eyes I have. What is it with African-American men/boys telling me I have gorgeous eyes? What do they think I am some sort of sucker?? [I am.] I was not going to fall for that one again like I did with Sweet P. He was a guy I met a few weeks ago on Hollywood Blvd. while he was selling CD's.

Here he is while he signs the CD he just sweet-talked me into buying. All cause he liked my eyes. I don't EVER listen to that CD. I am already out $10 for a CD…I didn’t want to be out for chocolate too [although…I probably would have eaten that]

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Eric said...

Good thing I left early - I might have spoiled your game!