Narrowing it Down

So, I have figured out another way to narrow down my potential interest in guys:

First, a guy obviously knows I am a woman [if we don’t have this basic understanding down we should not be out in the first place]

Now, casually mention that I am in seminary, you know, studying theology.

Observe facial expressions
Perhaps an awkward pause
Lack of ability to respond [at least in a nice way] to such “heresy” [I think I hear them murmuring something about 1 Timothy under their breath...]

And now I know I’m not interested.

…And then there are the guys who don’t skip a beat. And so we walk on.


CLJ said...

I wanted the throw down, couldn't believe it.

Olivia McCain said...

i usually throw out the comment that i am going to church on sunday morning.
then i sit and watch his reaction.

how he responds dictates whether or not there is another date.

sometimes the weeding-out process is really easy.

Eric said...

Wait - you go to SEMINARY??? We're not friends anymore, heretic.