THIS is What Love Looks Like

I posed a question several days ago asking what love looks like...well, I figured it out. Ads all over the internet, TV, and....the WORLD have helped me to understand. Look and learn.

This form of love only exists on the coasts. You intertwine your ligaments and sit in the sand.

Take shirt off. Get hand tangled in hair. Kiss head. Look bored.

If you ever get a massage - you should be with your "other half" starring at each other -- and you can't stop holding hands or it won't count, will start to hurt, and your head will fall off.

And if you are ever in love as soon as it rains you will immediately grab an umbrella, run down the middle of a street and kiss with one leg kicked up behind you.

Or...if you are like me - this is just a much better image. What're you gunna do ;-)


Marieeee said...

I'm beginning to think that the love between Roseanne and her husband is more like it ;)

Olivia McCain said...

well that's just fantastic. since i'm a white girl, i guess i will most likely either fall into a sappy/boring type of love or i will be rejected.

why can't i be more like JLo?

Jus said...

I think you mean "intertwining limbs", coz intertwining ligaments is a whole lot messier.

There aren't very many "love ads" with Chinese people in Western culture ... I don't know who to model myself on.

Dan said...

...so it's not liking pina colada's and getting caught in the rain?