Randy's Baaaaaack

Remember Randy? How could you not? I bet you miss him. Never fear – he’s back. If you missed the previous posts you can read about him here and here.

Unfortunately I do not run into Randy as often as I would like anymore – the guys have had to move from their hang out location at the booths outside of the abandoned Amy’s Fine Dining. But I still run into them from time to time around the streets of Pasadena.

Two stories today:

A couple weeks ago I got a call from my friend Matt letting me know Randy had given him something for me. [I later found out Randy just assumed he knew me – bless Randy’s heart for approaching strangers on Fuller’s campus and thinking I am just so popular here that everyone would just know me.] So I meet up with Matt and it turns out he has $20 for me. Hmm…the homeless man is giving ME money.

Just the other day when I ran into Randy he told me that he has decided he will adopt me. I remind him of his daughter and he would like to be sure he can take care of me. Apparently the way to do this is be sure he becomes my legal guardian. I am not sure how this will work since I already have parents and he is homeless…but he said he would smooth things over with my mother.

And…for you enjoyment – Randy:


Olivia McCain said...

um...the homeless guys in chicago are NOTHING like Randy. maybe he could make a trip out here sometime to teach these guys some manners!

kiki sonik said...


the kicker is... said...

love it love it love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!!

I really think your mom would be somewhat understanding, don't you? She's giving like that... ;)

lizzo said...

"I am not sure how this will work since I already have parents and he is homeless."

i laughed out loud. holy cow.