The Size of the Ring

I was out with a group of friends the other night and we just started chatting about dates and potential gone wrong. I believe the conversation went something like this:

Guy 1: "Man, I really messed that one up."
Guy 2: "You think you really messed it up that bad? Like you lost your chance?"
Guy 1: "Yeah dude, she’s engaged now. And the ring is huge.

Let me stop us there.

Did you catch that? AND THE RING IS HUGE.

Apparently this is something I had not yet heard before but is a rule that is understood (?)
Seriously. The conversation went on for quite a while after this. And it included Guy 1 commenting on how he has put away a huge chunk of money so he can buy whatever girl he marries a huge diamond so guys know to stay away from her. So...
The size of the ring has to do with how serious the guy is about the girl
This also means the size of the ring has to do with how “off-limits” a girl is once she is engaged.

Interesting [disturbing]

This I did not know. And what an awful philosophy. I mean, I guess I have been the girl who HAS posted that girlfriends are just “speed bumps” or “proceed with caution signs.” But engagement is a whole different game.

…and am I in trouble since I don’t want an engagement ring?


john page said...

I remember the days of singlehood and any sign of a ring on the left hand on the ring finger(that actually looked like an engagement ring) was a sign of "she's taken." Size of the ring had nothing to do with it...maybe those guys think they have to measure up?

If you don't want an engagement ring, begin building a library of comments to guys who try to pick you up or hit on you then...once you become engaged.

Olivia McCain said...

so we're back to the old saying "size does matter"

i still go back and forth whether i would want a diamond or not. i'm so not a flashy-jewelry sorta girl

CLJ said...

Is it going to be a diamond tattoo?

Michi said...

I was watching Dr. 90210 one time and this insane woman actually wanted a diamond implanted into her finger...or was it her wrist...either way it was disturbing!
(like admitting you watch Dr. 90210 on someone's blog.)

Yanela and Mark said...

so now we're calling "it" a ring?