What Does Love Look Like?

There is a song that, for some strange reason, has always been what I picture love to look like. Pretty cheezy, I know. But it is the song, "Longing Love" by George Winston [you don't get the full song here, but this is a taste - the full thing is a little over 8 minutes in length and can be found here].

You are always told about 1 Corinthians
You are always told “you will just know”
But then you see all this shit on TV – all these broken relationships – all these purely physical relationships and something inside of you tells you that you need to connect somehow deeper than that. [but the sex is important too!]
You see the brokenness around you. The relationships of those you love. People you went to college with that are no longer together. Parents of friends growing up who always looked like they had it together but you never got to see them behind closed doors and now, years later, the truth comes out – cause we’re all grown up now and can handle it.
And what about the horror stories you hear? They thought they knew each other but when push came to shove personalities changed – attitudes were tested – integrity could not stand – and the relationship changed. How can you REALLY know someone? I am SHOCKED that so many people in our society are married. What a big decisions – how can so many rush into it? Or even slow motion into it? This is such a huge commitment I don’t know how so many decide to make it.
Love, or maybe not even love, maybe just relationships that feel like love – are like a dance. You go through the motions and sometimes you hit that point in the song that is so lyrically and melodically perfect that emotions run high and you feel connected. But then the song ends, or there is a dissonant chord and you feel the tension – do you stand there and continue dancing or maybe you just change up the dance a bit or do you just leave the floor altogether?
I have a friend J.J who once told me [as I expressed to him my disbelief in love] that yes, most of the time it can be really rotten and doesn’t work out – but when it’s the good shit – man, it’s good. So…I guess I am just holding out for the good shit. If it is really out there like people keep trying to convince me it is.

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Eric said...

Ha! I forgot about the "love is good shit" line. Classic.

I think we want to know exactly what love is going to look like because we want to be able to see it coming, to recognize it, to plan for it. We want it to be manageable and controllable, but in the end it just isn't.