Church Dating

Church dating. Apparently there is debate about this topic. Can/should you do it?

Opinion 1: You can't ask someone out at church, that's just wrong. It makes it seem like you are going to church just to find someone to date or someone to marry. It makes you look creepy and like you have wrong (unholy/sinful) motives. And when it doesn't work out your ish is all over that congregation.

Opinion 2: Um…hello?!?! That should be the perfect place to meet people. You know you are like-minded – at least in the one foundational aspect of your life. And you don't have to be going to church to specifically LOOK for it but if you happen to find it then
go for it – what is the harm in that?

So, what do you think? Can you date someone at church? Can you ask someone out at church?

**This has nothing to do with my previous Church Guy post. I've long since let that one go.


Olivia McCain said...

I once stood on the side of Opinion #1. and then i met someone at church, now I stand on the side of Opinion #2. but i am still cautious about being affectionate in church and such. but that's just because it's a new church for me and i want people to know me as Olivia not as "Church Guy's friend" or "That girl that came with church guy".
that's just the independent side of me.

but rest assured, i didn't go to church to meet a guy. i went to worship. i just happened to meet a guy after worship. i do think it's a bit odd to go with the intentions of looking for a guy. but then again, who am i to judge why people come to church? at least they're coming, right?

Olivia McCain said...

btw - my parents met at church. they both were playing on the church softball team.

they've been married now for 20 years and have a very solid, healthy relationship.

Michi said...

I'm Olivia's friend. She introduced me to your blog :)

I vote for option #2. I'd think that would be the premier place to meet someone...
Now, I would NEVER date someone from work!

Olivia McCain said...

my friend worlds are colliding and i LOVE it!!

i will not ever date someone i work with.
it helps that i work with all gay men. ;)

Anonymous said...

i definitely think its okay....now here comes the hard part. sometimes it can be a bit creepy when an older guy comes to a church singles group and is looking for someone to date. especially if he is hitting on all the younger girls. or if someone never came to church, but they heard about all the cute girls in the youth group and then thought hey, "youth convention"...perfect way to meet some girls!

But that's just a couple anecdotes... i really do think its okay to meet and date someone from church.

Eric said...

I don't think you should ever date anyone anywhere ever, because that means that at some point you would have had to take your eyes off Jesus and place them on the flesh. That is just unacceptable.

john said...

In regards to PDA in the pew. I once witnessed a girl turn to her boy and cup her hand over his ear and proceed to nibble on his ear lobe. And I do mean nibble. And in case you were imagining the scene, yep, there was tongue.
Did I mention this was in the middle of prayer request time?

the kicker is... said...

You absolutely can date someone from church. No matter where you're at - church, school, pub, party, etc. - the key is your own desperation level. the creepy peeps who make your skin crawl b/c you sense their stalking spirits the minute they walk in the room? yeah, those people need therapy. But c'mon - if you can't date someone at church, that's just ... well, i think it's another reason for therapy (too harsh - need to lighten up a bit!).

As far as PDA - especially at church - I just think that's so inconsiderate at best. I've never seen the nibble (tongue) on the ear thing (COME ON PEOPLE!), but even the woman who feels the need to stroke the back of her husbands head, running her fingers through his hair and playing mindlessly with the base of his neck for 15 minute solid (okay, isn't your skin crawling as you read this? how much worse when you're TRYING to concentrate on the sermon but are HIGHLY distracted!) - what is she thinking? And what is HE thinking just then?

yeah, PDA in church is just inconsiderate at best.