Send In the Kid

I went to The Pig yesterday for the usual Sunday morning coffee. As I was sitting at the bar area reading a little boy, that could not have been older then 5, walked right up to me:

Boy: What’s your name?
[I have to admit, for some reason…I almost fake named him, but then I thought…he’s five, I can’t fake name a five-year-old!]
Yeti: My name is Yeti.
Boy: Ohhhhh
Yeti: What’s your name?
Boy: ;akeiralk;sdf;kl
[I could not understand it for the life of me even though he repeated it a couple of times]
Yeti: What are you going to get to drink?
Boy: I’m getting hot chocolate.
Yeti: That is a really good choice
Boy: I know. I love it.
Yeti: Are you going to get whipped cream?
Boy: Oh yes! I get vanilla.

I just smile at the boy. He was really quite adorable. And then I look up. His dad is standing just a few paces behind him – just smiling. The oh-that-son-of-mine type of smile. He comes up to his son and tells him to go and look in the back room cause it is real spooky and cool back there. So the boy runs off…

Dad: Haah, he’s such a friendly kid.
Yeti: Oh yes, he is just adorable
Dad: Oh, thank you. So, you said your name was Yeti? What is that you are reading?

What? Um? Ah…er…HOW did that just happen? I was talking to a cute little kid and now an upper 30’s early 40’s-ish guy is chopping it up with me. I just didn’t see that coming. Very smooth. Send in the kid.


Eric J said...

Is it okay if I find this story funny but also somewhat disturbing?

kiki sonik said...

great excuse!

kiki sonik said...

men never change