Girl Rules

What’s with those “girlfriend rules”? We have all these funny idea of who can date whom and who can be friends with whom.

Yeti: "He’s cute T, go for it!"
Tracy: "Yeah, but I think he has a girlfriend"
Jennifer: "Oh, she’s just a speed bump. You know, a proceed with caution sign."

Well, as much as we like Jennifer’s advice, that’s not the way it works if it’s within friends. Even after a couple has broken up. Or even if they didn’t ever really date but just went out a couple of times – there are still these unpublished RULES that govern the appropriateness of our relationships with those around us after they have taken interest in a friend of ours.

I get it – but I don’t get it. If a guy doesn’t like me why should I force every other girl in my life not to be with him? “If he doesn’t want to be with me he doesn’t get to be with ANYONE!” It’s like we think if we just wait a LITTLE longer maybe he’ll change his mind. I realize he’s asking my friend out – but I STILL think if he REALLY knew me he would change his mind…

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charissa said...

just cuz there's a goalie doesn't mean you can't score...