Good Quotes as of Late

“Cause when you stalk them you know all about them” – Female Friend
[Yes, I guess you are TECHNICALLY right. When you stalk someone you do know more about them. This was said when perusing cute boys Myspace accounts.]

“We’ve gotta break it down while we’re in Europe.” – Chris
“Why? Girls like a group of hot guys.” – Yeti
“No, twos. You send them out in twos; it’s biblical. A group is intimidating.” – Chris

“He can land that.” – Chris
[I guess I never realized girls were flying mechanical contraptions.]

“I am so going to marry him someday. I know I say that about a lot of guys – but I really mean it about him.” - Yeti
“You can only say that about one. Or two.” - Erika
“Excuse me?” -Yeti
“One might die.” – Erika
[I guess it’s always good to have a back-up. Gotta love those “Plan B’s”]

“I don’t really find him that good-looking.” - Yeti
“You don’t think he is attractive? Then you are partially blind.” – Erika
[No, I am not going to tell you who we were talking about, but I think it is good roommates have different tastes - less fighting ☺]

Do, Date or Dump?
[Have you heard of that game? I’ll have to explain it in another post. Anyway…some of us girls we playing the game and then chatting about it afterwards…here were a couple of quotes from that…]

“Oh, do, with the beard you do” – Female Friend
[there were no arguments to this one]

“I think if guys were playing this game I would want to be the girl they do. I mean, we’re not out here walking for our personalities” – Female Friend

“A guy doesn’t really need to include ‘I don’t have many friends’ in his profile. It’s not a good sign.” – Female Friend

“I’m covered under God, right?” – Male walking out of bar with the car keys after drinking
[Hmm…not so sure I want your “God grace is enough for me” theology coming out right about now]

“Why do guys have to do that? Be all sweet and unclear?” – Female Friend.
[Yes, you are right my friend. All too often the boys are sweet with nothing behind those deadly actions]

“I adore ** he’s just so young – but that doesn’t mean a good woman couldn’t grow him up.” – Female Friend


JR Rozko said...

"Do" with the beard huh? Does that apply to all guys cause I was just thinking about saying bye bye to mine.

charissa said...

HAHAA D3. oh how i forgot about that...

aaron said...

oh wow. those are great! hahaha.

speak of the beard comment, does a mustache have the opposite effect?

emms said...

Just to be fair...the guy of whom i was speaking shortly thereafter expressed himself both sweetly and clearly...just to anonymously give him a pat on the back.

emms said...

crap...i meant that to be anonymous.