I Didn't Mean It Like That

The other day I was talking to a married male friend [MMF] of mine…the conversation went as follows:

Yeti: "So, I am going to try to ask this question without sounding like I am hitting on you" [first of all, grrrrrrreat way to start a conversation and the asking of a question.]

MMF: [nervous laughter] "OK, how about I just assume you're never hitting on me."

Yeti: "Yes! That's good – cause I am not. [holding on to whatever dignity is left] OK, anyway. Do you have a brother?" [Yeti now realizes that among friends this is not that strange of a question and she did not really need to start it with the 'hitting on you' opener]

MMF: "Nope. It's just me"

You think I would be satisfied with that answer. A quick OK. Maybe even a smile. Walk away. But, no.

Yeti: "Have any clones of yourself anywhere?"

Yeah…I should always remember not to qualify things before I start talking and then to just STOP talking.


Anonymous said...

I am crying. I really am. Beautiful.

emms said...

My poor pup was frightened to the point of jumping off of my bed by the loud, freakish hackle that just escaped my lips. You know the one. You made the one.