Yeti Needs

So, by now you have probably heard of this little game…little trick…of putting your name and then the word “needs” into a google search. It is quite revealing. I now no longer feel like I need to pay for therapy (just kidding roomies!)

These were some of my top hits

Yeti needs moon tea [yes…tea does sound nice]
Yeti needs a piece of mind [just one will do, thank you]
Yeti needs to return to the Victorian era
Yeti needs to completely restore her homeland [ok…good luck to me]
Yeti needs a bad boy, not a saint [ha...that one is painfully true!]
Yeti needs a bath
Yeti needs to revive herself [probably with a bath]
Yeti needs another mocha [how well google knows me!]
Yeti needs more airtime [I DO love attention]
Yeti needs to drink more to avoid kidney problems [do the mochas count?]
Yeti needs to buy drinks and cookies
Yeti needs to get into a bikini [woah…lost me there]
Yeti needs an ass whoopin’ [some might agree with this one]
Yeti needs to go to la-la-land [live there]
Yeti needs prayer to get her babies back in her arms
Yeti needs new shoes [always]
Yeti needs sex [I am in no place to argue with google]
Yeti needs an adoptive family who will love her unconditionally
Yeti needs to prove that she is not gay in order to adopt her baby [how in the WORLD am I going to do that?]
Yetei needs to worry about leaving a legacy [pretty sure I’ve done that…maybe I should focus on leaving a GOOD one]
Yeti needs her to babysit, but she should ask ahead of time
Yeti needs those notes, but they’re not a crutch
Yeti needs the first day after a promotion
Yeti needs to know her boss, her friends and the atmosphere very well before bypassing everyone
Yeti needs to lose some weight [well, thank you for your honesty google]
Yeti needs to go to the gym if she wants to stay an A-list movie star [HEY! at least I have a membership!]

And my favorite one…
Yeti needs to reinforce that Andy and his talent is needed for team success [wow, Andy, I am so sorry I have not been doing this enough…you AND your talent are NEEDED for our team’s success!]

So…what do you think? Have any you would like to add to the list? What do YOU need?


Lindsey said...

What a fun game! Besides needing a blog, a clone, surgery, and a driver, the most common thing mentioned was my needing help. My 2 personal faves:
(1)"Little Miss Lindsey needs to understand that the only thing her and the fabulous Monroe will ever have in common is their problem with drugs."
(2) “Lindsey needs to ship herself off to Thailand---hiding herself in a shipping crate if that’s what it takes to elude the wolverines…”

kiki sonik said...


Eric said...

Three of the top five:

"Eric needs a hug"
"Eric needs some lovin'"
"Eric needs his woman"

I guess Google thinks I'm pretty lonely.

One from page two:
"Eric needs to stop making out with guys"
Google, I would agree with you if I had ever started.

Also, "Eric needs to be given vegan food immediately" - sure!

Matt B said...

Ok... so can you beat
"Matt needs to date a midget or something..."
Wow. Looks like a married the wrong girl.