The Ambiguous Date

It is getting harder and harder to date these days. It is getting easier to be non-committal, which is kind of nice on one hand, but there is a whole lot of confusion that comes with that.

There are the guys that call you up and ask if you want to meet up for a drink or coffee later that evening. Sure. You get excited. You, perhaps, put some extra deodorant on. When you show up little did you know he had texted 14 of his other closest friends [maybe he is just so interested in dating you he already wanted his family and friends to meet you??] How were you supposed to know you were unwillingly showing up for an episode of elimidate? OK, this could have been fine – you just weren’t prepared…

Then there is the guy that asks you out for a drink or coffee [I’m seeing an easy-escape theme] and when you arrive it is actually just the two of you. Yes. Good first step. But when “bill-time” comes you get the "oh…I totally forgot my wallet. I am so sorry. I'll get it next time." Riiiiiight.

Then there is the guy that calls you up and asks you out – perhaps not just to coffee – and it’s even just the two of you…but you begin to see another theme developing. Multi-tasker. What’s with the multi-tasker? I don’t want all our dates to be your work events. Yes, pre-screening that movie was great and I really enjoyed talking to people about it for three hours afterwards. No, no, don’t worry – the artichoke dip held me over. And no, I don’t want to go to another work party [ok, the open bar did help a little].

The problem these days is guys are so sweet and unclear. The sweet part gets you to go out with them but then they like to leave you hanging in the ambiguous zone. I haven’t quite figured out why they like to do this. Are they afraid? And what are they afraid of? You? Commitment? Do they want to keep you wanting more?

Or are they just plain oblivious? I am more inclined to think this is really what is going on. But then I just don’t want to let them off the hook this easy. Stop taking me out, stop smiling at me so much and stop being so sweet if you don’t want to back it up. There are plenty of random girls to do this to.

Besides, I want to be the mayor of ambiguous town and how can I do that if YOU are vying for the position…


Lindsey said...

Preach it.

the kicker is... said...

the girl is good.

i'm just sayin'.

Ashley said...

"Mayor of Ambiguous Town".. HA!

thank you for being so insightful about these common occurances. My favorite is the guy who leaves his wallet. sorry, thats just wrong.

Michelle said...

Please tell me these things didn't really happen to you. Now I'm scared.