Blind Dates

What is it with married people so desperately wanting to get their single friends married? Is there like a club you all have? You get points toward a Nintendo Wii if you get enough other people hooked up in marriage?

Lately I have felt like there is something about me – some look on my face – that says “single and desperate and looking for love”. I cannot tell you HOW MANY people lately have told me they have someone they can set me up with. I don’t need to be set up [yes, actually I do. I need all the help I can get, but I am not going to admit that to them] especially if they live in a whole different state. Come on!!

A friend of mine told me I am looking at this the wrong way. I should think of it as the person saying: “I have found this truly amazing person who is…oh my gosh…single! I want them to meet this other amazing person I know of because I think they are both really amazing.” Blah blah blah…something like that.

Call it what you want – I hate blind dates. Ask my friend Michael who hooked me up on one last year – apparently I am not to kind on them either. I don’t really hide my true feelings all that well [thus, this blog]. I’ll tell you about that whole episode later.

So maybe I have a skewed view – thanks for all the help friends…but I don’t want to meet that super nice guy you know.


douglas said...

I am totally honored ;-). Just so we are straight on the issue - the comment was more regarding how to take their intentions and less (actually NOT AT ALL!!!!!) about the total and absolute creepiness of being set up with someone in another state - or this one for that matter - and especially the multiplicity of the attempts to do so; and that I stand firm behind you 100% in your assessment of the whole thing - even the comment from the bastard who said you should take it the way that d$$%a$$ said you might consider. Hopefully the number of 'second-hand hits' (I like the ring of that one - you can quote me) you get will seriously decline...at least for another 365 days. Second-hand hits kills.

matt b said...

We're actually saving up for a flat-panel TV.
Our handbook says you're worth 100 points.
And if we set you up with someone in Texas, that's an extra 50 points. WooHoo!

Ever been to Austin? I have this friend...

B-W said...

Hey, if I EVER start sounding like any of this stuff, you have my permission to slap me!

I mean, sure, I don't miss dating at all, but there's just no pushing this kind of thing. It works when it works, and that's it!

kiki sonik said...

they wanna set u up to someone because "you're not figured out"

typical from people "who have diection in their lives"

Macall said...

I know you're friends telling you this stuff is annoying, BUT I was set up with Pat and look at us a year later...I am obviously a little bias towards blind dates!