Office Dating

A while ago we talked about Church Dating. There was some good discussion, and out of that discussion we got on the topic of Office Dating. I am torn about office dating, but mostly I think it is a bad idea:

1. You have to see this person EVERY DAY, if it does not work out - awkward.
2. You get to see this person EVERY DAY, if it works out - awesome.

I guess if you are interested in someone at work it can be miserable being around them all the time without at least giving it a shot...but beware the repercussions.

I don't know, it worked for Jim and Pam [who aren't real] but I think they're the exception.

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Olivia McCain said...

i would not date anyone i ever worked with because what if, at some point, one of you gets promoted and has to manage the other person?
what if you break up and then you have to see them all the time?
what if people in the office find out and then you're accused of playing favorites (again, if you're in a supervisor role)?

i think it has the potential of stunting your career growth and tainting your professional reputation.

Michi said...

I would only date a co-worker if they worked on the other side of the office, on another floor, or in another building. Point being, if you break up, you don't have to see them everyday.

konigsmark said...

I don't need the drama... no thanks.

Searching for the Yeti said...

konigsmark..that is because everyone you work with is gay and, i am sorry, but i don't think you could pull that off.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. It's just not a good idea. It makes things bad generally for the whole office. Although, if you started a relationship and it got really serious, there is always the Jim and Pam strategy of divide and conquer. One person leaves the office because of a good opportunity.

rheimbro said...

What about lamp? Is it ok to date lamp if you met it at the office? I love lamp...