Why pay for online dating when you can just put a post up on craigslist?

When watching 90210 Tuesday night [I know, I know, I judge me too!] the hot English teacher was on a site called "I'd Date Me". I immediately became curious as to whether this site actually existed or not so my roommates and I did a websearch. It does not...but we were delighted in what we DID find...

I'd Date me =D Just Read!!

I went to a show about 2 days ago. @ Bowery. It was cool but it sucked cause everybody there had a chick to rock out with. I was like damn, I really miss those days.
I just want a girl that;
-Likes dinner and a movie -Doesnt mind my dorkiness at times
-Likes to laugh
-Go to shows and concert
-Listens to good music with (Dance Gavin Dance and The Used) and get all close
-Isnt high maintence
-Who I can text random things too like "Will you date me" and "I love you"
-Wears my sweaters
-Love to shop @ hm, urban, and Journeys
-I can hang with @ St. Marks Place
-And eat with @ BAM, Dumpling Factory, or Chipolte Mexican.

You could really learn to fall in love with me cause im that type. Really funny,cute and snuggly, chill, and laidback. I write poetry and skateboard so thats a plus. Im kinda femme tomboy. Skinny pants and dirty vans. Im no weirdo just heard other people did this so i'll give it a shot. Hey who knows!
Send me a pic and i'll send mine, we'll talk and yeah..
Ok see ya!

That's right - you can post about yourself on Craigslist...then just wait for the dates to start rolling in. And if you are in New York, please email this guy - and then send me the story. He just sounds like a good time.
[I also get a kick out of the "missed connection" section. But, please, beware of some of the other sections Craigslist has allowed...not so good]


konigsmark said...

That's right we posted on Craigslist... and we reeled in a couple big fishes. How do you feel about them apples?

Anonymous said...

CL = good way to find cheap guys and creepy guys and married guys. Oh, and also guys posing as women.

Michelle said...

Was this one even a guy? Femme tomboy?

Michelle said...

Oh, and w4w it says in the heading. I don't think it's a guy.

Searching for the Yeti said...

Haah! I totally did not notice the w4w...so, then...some woman that is in NY call her. She'll send you cute text messages.
Yes, I don't suggest Craigslist - there are enough creepy people I meet on a daily basis without SEEKING them out.

Laurie B said...

Ha Ha! I love this add because it is a reminder to all that you can buy a kitchen table & chairs AND get a date...all on the same website!!! What's not to love???

Anonymous said...

One of my best friends put up a posting on Craigslist to find a date. She's been dating a guy she met on Craigslist for a year now, they live together, and they're both totally normal. Craigslist is great!