A good profile...the photo

I had someone recently write in and ask me if I would write on what makes a good online dating profile. I thought this was quite an interesting idea – and having seen my fair share of AWFUL online profiles, I decided to take up the challenge. Now, remember, this is just my opinion (with some input from my girlfriends) so take it with a grain of salt.
I decided we needed to break it up into categories so here is the first of I have no idea how many.

#1 The Photo

The photo, let’s admit it, is probably the most important part of your profile. This is where the first impression comes in. If the initial “I think I could be attracted to this person” is not there – most people won’t take a whole lot of time reading the rest of what you have to say. So here are some helpful hints (and samples)…most what NOT to do.

Do NOT put up pictures of you with other women unless it is labeled “me and my mom” [and even then…I am not quite sure I am ready to meet your mom yet]. And while we are at it, photos where you have clearly cropped out a woman smashing herself very close against you or simply blurred out her face are not noble attempts to avoid this...and neither are you with WAX figurines. Just TAKE A NEW PHOTO if you don’t have any without girls in them.

Do NOT take a photo of you half naked in the mirror with your cell phone.

Do NOT take three different photos of you that are exactly the same just three different angles with slightly different faces. This does not help me.

Do NOT take a photo with your stuffed animal. I know you are trying to convey you are funny, but it comes of kind of weird.

Do NOT put up group shots unless it is close enough so we can see your face and you clearly label yourself. I don’t know you well enough yet to pick you out of a crowd. Make sure it is full-size…the tinny-tiny photos are not really worth it.

Do NOT put up pictures that are not you. It is REAL funny when you put up pictures of celebrities. If only I had actually been matched with them.

OK, that is as picky as I can think to be at the moment. Anyone else have helpful hints to add?


Ipp said...

No Halloween photos, regardless of costume.

No pet photos. Although this reveals the mental status of the profile user, we gain zero physical evidence. The psycho state should be hidden until well into the relationship, then released like a deadly gas.

I also believe more than one picture should be shared. We need to see the consistencies and the inconsistencies.

konigsmark said...

Lord knows I am more than guilty of a couple of these.

Who doesn't love photos with ALF?

Searching for the Yeti said...

Good ones, Ipp.

And Andy, I don't think you were guilty of too many of these - your pictures were not bad. Although I WAS thinking about adding one that said "don't put up a picture of you and a buddy of yours to try and push his product, we're not going to communicate with you just to get to him" - hehe!

Mav Jennings said...

Also, no pix with kids and zero explanation--are they yours? are they neice/nephew? are they some random kids you found to take pix with so you could appear to be good father material???