A good profile...the writing

The actual profile is another difficult area (OK, I guess the only other area, really). So let’s see if we can give a couple tips on this one.

Do NOT say you can’t live without sex…it makes us think you aren’t serious about a relationship or are going to jump us on the first date.

If there is a question regarding what is most important to you/what you can’t live without, don’t say “friends, family, God” blah blah blah, those are kind of givens – all you are telling us is that you are the same as every other guy we’ve been matched with. What makes you stand out? Be unique. What do your friends mock you relentlessly for because you can’t live without it?

We want something that shows your personality – what makes you distinctive – why would we choose you out of the THOUSANDS of men eHarmony things we are compatible with on 29 dimensions? Like, what you’re most passionate about, how you spend your leisure time or “additional information” are great areas you can let your personality show.

We do actually care about grammar. Take the time to read through your profile and make sure everything is spelled correctly. And please do not write stream of thought.

Make sure you fill out enough sections. While the strong silent type is a draw for many of us – you’ve got to give us SOMETHING to go off of. If you only have three answers filled out, we’re not likely to bite the bait (unless you have a REEEEEEEALLY pretty face).

Bottom line: it is hard to meet people online. You’ve only got a small space to show a bit about yourself. You don’t have to be so serious right away, make it fun and show your personality.

…or just email it to me and I’ll proof it for you – that might just be easier ☺

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konigsmark said...

I thought my face was pretty enough to make up for the very the really bad answers. Also you could have proofread my as before you posted this entry.

Searching for the Yeti said...

you should have proofread your comment before you posted it, andy.

Lindsey said...

Um...what does he want you to proofread?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have a new profession lined-up: E-Harmony Coach.

Anonymous said...

It's amusing to see these 2 sentences:
"those are kind of givens"
"what makes you distinctive"

AND then, to see this:
"We do actually care about grammar."

Sure, you do :-)...Seriously?